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Uttar Pradesh: Man abused for selling meat cops file counter case against the victim


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Uttar Pradesh: Muslim man abused by cow vigilantes, cops files counter case against victim.

Police files a counter case against the man named Mohammed Shakir who was abused by gau rakshak (cow vigilantes).

Muslim man abused by cow vigilantes

Uttar Pradesh: Man abused for selling meat cops file counter case against the victim

A Muslim man identified as Mohammed Shakir in the business of transport and selling the meat was abused by a gang of men calling themselves Gau Rakshak  (cow vigilantes) on Sunday afternoon in the western UP’s Moradabad district.

The cops filed a complaint against the men who abused calling themselves cow vigilantes based on the complaint lodged by the victim’s brother. However, the cops also filed a counter case against the victim.

The counter case list charges are relating to “mischief by killing an animal”, “committing an act likely to spread infection” and “violating the covid lockdown guidelines”.

Mohammed Shakir (the victim) is recovering at home which was confirmed by his family. He was arrested but not jailed as the charges which were invoked against him were bailable, confirmed by the senior police officials.

Tweet 1:- #SSP regarding the incident under the police station area @moradabadpolice Byte of. The lawsuit has been registered at the police station. Police teams have been formed to arrest the accused. Potential targets are constantly being scrutinized. Legal proceedings will be completed soon. @Uppolice @dgpup

Tweet 2:- Update: So far four accused have been arrested in the above incident under the police station area. Potential targets are being continuously pressed for the arrest of the remaining two accused. Legal proceedings will be completed soon.

Manoj Kumar was the man who led the assault against Mohammed Shakir with the other five members who are not arrested yet. Four of them were arrested and are on the search for the other two men who are on run, said the police officials on Monday.

This incident took place in the village within the limits of Katghar police station.

The Superintendent of Police (SP) Prabhakar Chaudhary said, they have got a video of the victim beaten up by the men and we lodged a complaint against them.

According to Shakir’s brother victim was approached by Manoj Kumar and the gang while carrying 50kgs of meat on a scooter. They demanded the sum of rs 50000 from Shakir and then started abusing him.

Manoj Kumar and gang started beating the victim with lathis until he falls of the ground.

As the police search for the accused men, Manoj Kumar gave a statement from an undisclosed location stating that “we tried to stop him but he never listened and started hitting us with his vehicle, using two lathis on a man is a crime but trying to kill oneself isn’t? I am trying to stop cow slaughter but the cops are threatening me now. I want justice. Let the administration give me a police team, I will expose this racket as soon as possible”.

We also heard that Mohammed Shakir bought that meat from the factory and he has the receipt. This hatred in the name of cow slaughter needs to stop now.


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