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4 Muslim Schools Tops in Uk’s Best 10 School list


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UK’s top 10 schools list has been released, where schools were rated based on different criteria and in that four Muslim schools managed to secure 1st, 5th, 6th and 10th position.

4 Muslim Schools Tops in Uk's Best 10 School list

Photo by Lisda Kania Yuliani on Unsplash
  • Four Muslim Schools among the UK’s top 10 schools list.
  • For six successive years, Muslim School has passed the National GCSE and equivalent exam.
  • Tauheedul Islam and Eden Girls and Boys Schools show’s outstanding Achievement.
  • Uneducated Father Travels 12km For Daughter Education.

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Muslim schools have achieved the top position in the British Government’s Ranking of Secondary School. Among the top 10 schools listed Muslim faith schools are 4 out of the 10 schools.

The first position is secured by.

The first position goes to Tauheedul Islam Girls high school in the Northern English town of Blackburn and is the No.1 school in the country with a progress 8 score  Measure, a well above average Progress.

This 8 measure shows the progress made between the end of primary school and end of secondary school which is then compared with the similar SAT results in year six which the pupil scored across the country.

The other 3 Muslim schools and their positions.

Along with Tauheedul Islam school, Bolton Muslim Girls School secure 5th Position, Eden Girls School Coventry secures 6th position and  Tauheedul Islam Boys high school secures 10th position.

For 6 successful years Muslim School’s excel “the National GCSE and equivalent exam averages for English, Mathematics, English Baccalaureate (EBacc) and attainment 8 scores”.

The list is based on academic achievement and the percentage of students who want to pursue further education.

Schools were estimated.

The schools were judged as Outstanding by Ofsted – The British Government Body which ensures Educational quality for state and private schools.

According to the statement given by MCB (Muslim Council of Britain) says that Muslim schools are performing well without being affected by the negative perception which surrounds them.

General- Secretary: credit goes to lecturers.

 Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain Harun Khan said that credit must be given to teachers, parents, and students for their excellent performance and becoming the High performing Muslim Faith schools.

Their hard work shows that Children from any background can achieve and give their best performance.  In UK Compulsory Education ends at the age of 16 after which the children can either move ahead and pursue further education or can enter the job market.

All these schools which attained the top positions run according to the Islamic Values.


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