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While KSA Tour Akon Is Seen performing Umrah


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Akon was in Saudi Arabia for his concert, while his visit to the Muslims Holy city Makkah he did not miss a chance and performed Umrah along with his family and friends.

  • Akon was seen performing umrah a couple of weeks ago.
  • As per the reports, he visited Saudi Arabia along with, family and friends.
  • Akon believes the reason for his success is his Faith in Allah.

Superstar Singer, Rapper and songwriter Akon perform Umrah. Akon’s real name is Aliaune Thiam.

Videos of Akon performing Umrah was circulating all over the social media where he was seen wearing white clothing which is also known as “ihram” which is the traditional attire while performing Umrah.

Akon performing Umrah.

Many of his fans were surprised as most of them were not aware of his faith. In an interview, he said that the reason for his success is his faith in Almighty Allah and by following the religion, Islam.

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Akon performed at a concert in Jeddah.

Akon performed in Jeddah, he posted concert pictures on Instagram. He thanked the people of Saudi Arabia for their love. As per the reports Akon was there with his family and friends.

He said in an interview that he has been planning to go to Saudi Arabia for years

He believes his success is only through Allah S.W.T(God).

Last year in a Conference in UAE he said that the real success for him is faith and further said that “If God is not smiling upon me, I am not successful, I don’t care even if I  have billion dollars in my bank, what good am I even if I have billion dollars in my bank?”.

Akon is born in a Muslim family in St. Louis, Missouri in 1973. Akon never shared about his family, he only accepted having 6 children with three women.

Akon wants to keep his family away from the media.

He said that he wants to keep his family from Media and public attention. He has been nominated 5 times for Grammy awards. He said that Islam is the key to his success.

Akon also performed Umrah last year after his concert in Dammam.


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