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Gunman attack Paris mosque left people wounded


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Paris mosque is attacked by a gunman, he ran away after committing the crime, leaving people wounded and a 32-year-old man was rushed to the hospital due to multiple shots.

Gunman attack Paris mosque left people wounded
Paris Mosque Charged By Gunman
  • Gunman opens fire in a Mosque in Paris.
  • 15 people were inside the Mosque.
  • A 32-year-old man was rushed to hospital due to multiple gunshot wounds.

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In North-Eastern Paris a man opened fire in a mosque on Sunday night. There were 15 people inside the mosque at that time. One man was seriously injured.

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The mosque is reported to be located in Rue de Tanger in the city’s 19th administrative district which is considered as the culturally diverse part of the capital.

According to the sources, the gunman was wearing a helmet and opened fire in the courtyard of the Adda’wa Islamic Cultural Association mosque at 8 pm. The gunman after firing off several rounds escaped from the place on a scooter.

There was a total of 15 people during the time of the incident and one man was severely injured.

The 32-year-old man suffered multiple gunshot wounds, he is reportedly fighting for his life as the gunman shot twice in his right leg. The man was rushed to the hospital and is in serious condition.

As per local sources, several shots were fired during the attack. Several 9mm caliber shells were found at the scene where the attack took place. Police are searching for the gunman who escaped on his scooter in an unknown direction.

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The motive behind this attack is still not known. The personal conflict between worshippers is believed as one of the reasons, and a criminal investigation has been opened by the authorities.

No other injuries have been reported. The investigation is going on whether this was a targeted shooting rather than any implications about the location.

There is still no update about the person who was shot and the gunman has still not been traced and the investigation is still carried on as per the reports.


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