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3-YEAR-OLD Muhammad, Youngest Member Of IQ Community.


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3-year-old Muhammad Haryz Nadzim from North East England is a Malaysian. He has become the youngest member of the IQ test community in Mensa UK.

3-YEAR-OLD Muhammad, Youngest Member Of IQ Community.
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  • Muhammad Haryz Nadzim becomes the youngest person to join Mensa UK.
  • Mensa UK is considered as the largest IQ society in the world.
  • He scored 142 in the Stanford-Binet IQ test.

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3-year-old named Muhammad Haryz Nadzim youngest member of UK Mensa.

Muhammad Haryz Nadzim a 3-year-old boy becomes the youngest one to join the largest IQ society in the world known as Mensa UK.

Meet UK’s Youngest Mensa Member, Muhammad Haryz Nadzim.

Mensa means “table” in Latin where race, religion, nationality, color, social background are irrelevant, where an IQ equal to or greater than 98 Percentile is necessary for eligibility.

He scoured 142 in IQ tests.

 Muhammed Haryz scored 142 in the Stanford-Binet IQ test and was invited to become a member of Mensa.

Nur Anira Asyikin Hashim who is the mother of Muhammad Haryz said that she knew that her son was special when he uttered his first words when he was just seven months old.

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Muhammad Haryz’s residence.

Muhammad Haryz’s parents are from Malaysia but they live in North East England. Both his parents are Engineers and were not aware that their child was so special.

When Muhammad started going to nursery, his parents were informed that he was more advanced than other children of his age. Muhammad was able to read storybooks when he was in the nursery.

Stanford-Binet IQ test consists of.

The Stanford-Binet IQ test consists of memorization, logical thinking questions along with math. He was able to score 142 i.e., 99.7th percentile.

Haryz’s mother hopes that he gets support to reach his potential. She says that we do not want to push him to do anything and wants him to be like other normal children.

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He is also known as Brainbox.

Haryz is called as mini brainbox by his mother, he enjoys drawing, jumping, painting, singing and all the other things a 3-year-old does.

His mother says that he asks a lot of questions, loves reading books and talks about space and numbers.

Even his parents were surprised.

Both the parents were surprised when Haryz was selected to become the youngest member of Mensa, they hope that Haryz will make the world a better place.

With whatever he achieves, and this opportunity will develop confidence in himself and with this, he will be able to benefit the society in the future.


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