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Muslim Guy 25 Saved Life of a Man who was Attempting Suicide.


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A Muslim man named Jamil 25-year-old was returning when the incident took place. There was this man who’s rough days gave him the idea of suicide but was saved by this young.

Muslim Guy 25 Saved Life of a Man who was Attempting Suicide.
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  • A 25-year-old Muslim prevented a man from committing suicide.
  • He was awarded for his bravery.
  • Jamil talked to the man for 15 minutes by the time police arrived at the scene.
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25-year-old Atif Jamil who lives in Northern England saved the life of a man who was about to commit suicide.

The man was standing at the side of the road.

Jamil was driving when he saw a man standing at the side of the road. He had this instinct to stop the car and help the man and wanted to make sure if the man was fine.

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He said that the man appeared to be sober and there was no indication of drug-taking. There was another man at the scene who contacted the police.

He was speaking to women on phone.

Jamil saw that the man was speaking on the phone to women and when Jamil asked him he said that she left him. Jamil tried to explain to the man that he is not alone.

Jamil works as a manager in the car dealership says that he has experience in how to talk with people. He talked with the man for 15 minutes and then the police arrived and pulled the man.

Suicide can break a family mentally.

Jamil says that suicide can have a big impact on a family. He says that if a person is smiling it does not mean that he is mentally or physically fine.

He further says that he is a Muslim and his religion teaches that if you save one life, you save all. Atif Jamil was awarded at Calderdale Policing Awards after he prevented a man from committing suicide.

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This ceremony was for those who show bravery and integrity even under difficult circumstances. Similar incidents took place where people helped others.

Another incident where a Muslim teenage helped cops.

A Muslim teenager from Brooklyn helped police to arrest a man who attacked a Jewish woman at the subway In December last year.

Another incident took place in the month of December last year where an American Muslim student showed bravery when she opened the doors of the Mosque and helped students to take shelter as they were running from an alleged stabbing at their school in Wisconsin.


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