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Muslim Uber Driver Harassed by Trump Supporter


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Muslim Uber Driver Harassed by Trump Supporter
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Karim Metwaly shared a video on social media where a man in Queens, New York was seen passing racist comments on Muslim Uber drivers.

The man was seen driving a white SUV and was seen criticizing another driver in Astoria, Queens at a stop. The uber driver started to record the video as soon as the man started to abuse, when he got to know that the driver is filming him he said “ I don’t care bro, videotape me! You are a loser, you are not even from here” and continued to abuse the driver. The driver was silent and continued to record the video, the man abused him, abused his family and called him terrorist and again pointed out about recording the video and said “Video all you want, you are an Arab!! What is that gonna do? what is that gonna do?”.

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The man then brings President Donald Trump into this and said that Trump is president, he will deport you and you are a terrorist. When the light changed the man drives off criticizing and shouting at the driver.  People who watched the video appreciated the driver’s ability to stay calm and how he remained silent even after hearing all the abuses, people think that the man just wanted to get the reaction or anger out of driver but he failed as the driver did his best and remained calm. As per the Washington Post, The driver’s name is Mohammed who was the uber driver of Chris Cody, St. Johns University Professor who speaks Arabic. The driver explained Cody about the incident and what happened with him, Mohammed even showed Cody the 40-second video which he recorded where the Man was constantly abusing him.

Mohammed came to New York from Morocco 5 to 6 years ago. He has sent the video recorded by him to Cody Which he shared on social media but wanted to be unidentified and do not want to report it to police. Cody said that he did not blame Mohammed for being terrified by the way that man abused him.

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Michael Gianaris who is New York State Senator, a representative of that area  Condemn the incident and said that Hateful speech should not be tolerated in the neighborhood where people from different races live together, and said that its time to get united and fight against such attacks and triumph over hate.


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