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Islam is About Equality and Rights, not Jihad – British Author.


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Islam is About Equality and Rights, not Jihad - British Author.
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Award-winning British author, Karen Armstrong:- Islam spreading equality and rights, not Jihad or hate.

Karen Armstrong is a Roman Catholic religious sister and an award-winning British author. During her interview with El Mundo the writer expressed her love towards Islam, She defended Islam saying that people express their hate towards Islam because it is powerful. She discussed Islam and the Holy Quran.

She was asked about Islamic terrorism what she has to say about the war in the name of the Quran, the award-winning writer replied that “Muslim holy book is not about jihad”. She further expressed her views saying that Islam is about Equality and “Religion is used as a tool to justify terrorism”.

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She said that during the first 400 years of Islamic civilization many religious scholars did not pay any attention to the quranic verses that describe about jihad, But when they were attacked by crusaders and Mongols after the death of Prophet Mohammed(P.B.U.H) the leaders then considered the importance of those verses and asked people to fight for themselves, many of them were against this but they had to agree with this or extinction.

“People hate the united states because it is a great world power. We tend to hate the things we see in ourselves”.

Karen Armstrong first wrote about Islam when she published A biography of the prophet named Mohammed. This was published in 1991. The author recognized the full worth of the Muslim communities that they considered her as a Thinker rather than someone who wrote provocative books.

According to Karen, the Quran talks about equality between men and women, it is often judged as the opposite that the Quran does not talk about equality, it is more feminine than what we think.

She expressed her views on how muslims are treated around the world and even in France. She said that people in France treat Muslim in a horrible way, Regarding Hijab she said that Women must be allowed to wear whatever they want.


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