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Meet Sara Haba First Lady Ever to Reach Mecca on Bicycle


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Sara Haba reached Mecca on Bicycle in 53 days

Meet Sara Haba First Lady Ever to Reach Mecca on Bicycle
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Sara Haba is a Tunisian female who has set the record of “The first lady to reach mecca on a bicycle”. She started her journey from her home Tunisia to Saudi Arabia. It took her 53 days to complete her journey from Tunisia to Saudi Arabia. During this period of 53 days, she even documented her journey and posted about it on social media. Her travel route was from the deserts of Sudan and Egypt. As per the sources, only 3 people have made use of a bicycle or animals or walked all the way to reach the city of Mecca.

Usually, people opt for this method because of the low cost or a way to show their love towards Allah(S.W.T). Men have been witnessed doing this but this year even a woman has joined the race to reach the City. She used the hashtag #CyclingToMakkah in her posts which she posted on social media.

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She said that She was not sure whether her physical health will support her in achieving her dream, She had the fear to stop while traveling and hoped that her physical health might support her in her journey. She even had this fear that whether she would be allowed to enter the city or not but instead of all her fears she continued her journey to achieve her dream to reach Mecca city.

During her journey when she decided to document about it many people from across the globe followed her and supported her, they even requested her to pray for them when she reaches the Holy city. She said that she didn’t expect this and said that she prayed for all of them. After her arrival in the holy city Sara met with her brother who came from France, he too performed the Umrah.

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Sara further was thankful to each and everyone she encouraged her, helped her in her journey, who cried with her, who gave her water and who directed her. She has set an example of women empowerment and motivated others with her strong desire to achieve her goal.


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