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Muslim Family killed in Canada: planned truck hit and run case.


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A Pakistani Muslim family was murdered in a dreadful attack of Islamophobia violence in London, Ontario. Four members of the family were killed, a 9-year-old boy is the only survivor of the terror attack. The attacker was a 20-year-old man. 

Muslim Family killed in Canada: planned truck hit and run case.
  • A Muslim family was killed in a truck hit and run by a 20-year-old man due to Islamic hatred.
  • Four members of the family were killed and the only survivor was a 9-year-old boy.
  • Canadian police had confirmed it was a planned murder.
  • They were targeted because of their Muslim faith

A Pakistani Muslim family killed by a 20-year-old man due to hatred.

A Muslim family was killed in a truck hit and run by a 20-year-old man named Nathanial Veltman on Sunday, according to the Canadian Police.

Detective superintendent Paul Waight said in a news conference on Monday that this was a planned murder and the victims were targeted because of their Muslim faith and Islamic belief. He also said it might be a hate crime.

The victims of the attack were a 46-year-old Salman Afzal, two women aged 74 Talat Afzal and 44 Madiha Salman, and a 15-year-old Yumna Afzal. The only survivor of this attack was a 9-year-old boy who is hospitalized due to severe injuries. Three generations of the family were killed in this terror attack. 

The attacker who is a Canadian man, Nathanial Veltman is already arrested and is under investigation. He was charged with four counts of murder and one count of attempts to murder.

According to the Canadian police the attacker used to work in an egg facility and must not have any hatred issue with any groups.

Detective Paul Waight said there is no known previous connection between the suspect and the victims, he also added Mr. Veltman has no previous convictions according to the police.

The weather was good and there was a high visibility condition when the suspect was driving the truck. He was wearing a black vest which seems to be body armor.

The family of five was waiting at an intersection in the Canadian city of London on Sunday when the attacker intentionally mounted the truck and stuck them killing four of them because of their Islamic belief.

A makeshit memorial for the victims were setup at the scene of attack. Many local residents were in terror with this attack. People were in shock.

Prime Minister Trudeau said Islamophobic attacks throughout the country diminishes Canadians. This happens mostly in Canada and needs to stop it. He also added we must not become desensitized to this violence. We must call it out whenever we witness such a situation.

“ To the Muslim community in London and to the Muslims all over the country, we assure you all that we stand with you and there is no place for Islamophobia in Canada”, said Trudeau.     


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