Saudi Arabia Legalized Valentines Day Celebration

Saudi Arabia Legalized Valentines Day Celebration

And Saudi Arabia will be celebrating Valentine’s day legally for the first time in history.

The old culture of Westerns has finally found its way into Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia Legalized Valentines Day Celebration, a place where sharia law was considered above anything and everything, is planning to celebrate Valentine’s day this year.

In Saudi Arabia, till last year it was considered a crime to celebrate such events and according to law, anyone who was found trading red flowers or wearing a red dress and celebrating valentine’s day was penalized. In fact, Saudi Arabia was one of the seven countries that rejected the celebration of Valentine’s day, including India and Russia. But however, Saudi Arabia has now allowed its residents to sell, buy and exchange red flowers and gifts. “Saudi Arabia celebrating Valentine’s day legally for the first time in history.”

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Due to this change in Saudi Arabia’s, east Al Khobar’s markets were crowded with buyers and the sale of valentine days gifts, especially red flower were on the peak. A shop owner reported his sales boomed and he sold at least 2000 red flowers each pricing 50 Saudi riyals.

These are some of the Images published by Saudi Arabia’s newspaper, Arab news on its Twitter account, that show that Saudi’s are prepared to celebrate this day to the fullest.

Many Saudi residents actually praised the decision of Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom, they believe today’s generation is different, this generation likes to express love through red flowers and exchanging gifts or even wearing a red dress on this particular day and imposing old cultures on them would be unfair, so Saudi Arabia Legalized Valentines Day Celebration for the first time.

They were some left behind who did not celebrate Valentine’s day and opposed it, whereas, some invited their loved one to dinner and exchanged gifts


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