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Delhi Riots Death toll reaches 42 and 190 injured


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Hindu-Muslim clash in Delhi claimed 42 people and more than 190 are injured, people who were not involved in the Delhi riot’s, death toll full reports read here.

Delhi Riots Death toll reaches 42 and 190 injured
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On 23rd February 2020 BJP leader Kapil Mishra stated that the roads where a protest against The Citizenship Amendment Act must be cleared, he even stated that if this demand is not met then he will forcefully end the Protest. soon after this statement, there was a violent clash seen in the northeast part of Delhi Reports claim that 3 mosques and many houses, buses, vehicles, shops were even burnt by the rioters. According to the reports Death toll in Delhi reaches 42. This has been considered as the worst violence in decades.

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As per the reports the police have registered 48 FIR’S and has arrested 106 individuals who are involved in riots. More than 500 vehicles are reported to be burnt according to Delhi Fire Service.

Both Muslim-Hindu had suffered a great loss in recent Delhi riots

The number of injured in the Hindu-Muslim clash has raised to 190. Supreme court Judges criticized the police for not being able to stop the mobs from beating Muslims on the streets. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that police have lost the confidence of the public and said that this violence is alarming. Around 7000 paramilitary forces have been deployed and hundreds of Delhi Police personnel have been arranged in order to maintain peace. Jaffrabad, Maujpur, Chand bagh, Khureji Khas and Bhajanpura were the areas where riots took place.

Many of the bodies were identified and few of the bodies are yet to be identified. Now the situation is under control and there were some areas where the shops were seen to be opened. All the Delhi riots cases will be investigated by 2 special investigation teams.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated that a total of 9 shelters were set for riots affected people and they are being provided with food. RS.25000 will be given by the government as a form of compensation. During the Friday prayers, Local mosques prayed for harmony and peace and urged the public to cooperate with police and do not fall prey for any sort of rumor. The situation is now under control as per the recent reports.


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