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Watch Video, Hannah 23 who converted to Islam eat like a refugee to spread awareness


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Hannah Keeling eats like a Refugee to spread awareness about the Syrian refugees. For days she was on beans, rice, and tofu to show how Syrian refugees eat.

Watch Video, Hannah 23 who converted to Islam eat like a refugee to spread awareness
  • Hannah Keeling opted for a way to create awareness about the Syrian refugees.
  • She eats like refugees to show the world what it is like.
  • She was on rice, tofu, and beans for one week.

Mom who reverted to Islam goes on week rations to eat like a refugee to spread awareness

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Hannah keeling who is 23 years of age from Hall Green eats like a refugee to create awareness. She said that she knows what racism and Islamophobia is. She said that she experienced Racial slurs when she was in school.

Watch Video of Hannah keeling on the food she’s eating

In the year 2019, Hannah converted to Islam. She kept her faith private after she received comments on social media. She further said that she does not post pictures of her in the hijab as people will pass hate comments on her.

Hannah decided to eat like a refugee for one week to show the world that all human beings are equal. She said before when she wore hijab people who watched her said many things to her.

Hannah keeling updates on the food she’s eating

She said that her life was filled by racial slurs. She now lives in Hall Green. She further said that Tamworth is a place where anyone would not wear a niqab.

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As those who wear it will either receive comments like they are terrorists or the Niqab will be ripped off. Tamworth does not have any mosque or any shop where there is halal meat available to eat.

Hannah said that Muslims can be of any shape or color and it is a peaceful religion. And she said to herself that she will not listen to what the people of her hometown said about Islam.

Mom who reverted to Islam goes on week rations to eat like a refugee to spread awareness

Hannah has joined the Ration challenge in order to raise awareness about the Syrian refugees and donations for the refugees in the Jordan camps.

She took the challenge to eat what the refugees eat but she couldn’t drink anything from the box sent to her except water. She eats rice, tofu, and picked oil, flour, lentils, chickpeas from the box.

She shared a picture and said what she ate the first day. She said that the food was bland and it can only help you survive. The next day she shared another picture of her food.

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She cooked tofu and fried rice. She said that she cooled daal for the 3rd day by using the lentils and had it 3 times and used the same for the 4th day as well.

On the 5th day, Hannah made falafel by grinding all the chickpeas which were left with her. The last two days she eats only to rice as it was the only thing which was left for her to eat.

She said that this experience made her know about the sufferings of the refugees. She raised £166, which helps to feed refugees for the whole year.


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