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Insha Afsar, girl with one leg represented Pakistan in Paralympics


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Insha Afsar, girl with one leg represented Pakistan in Paralympics

Insha Afsar has represented Pakistan in Paralympics. Insha lost her leg in an Earthquake that occurred in the Northern areas of Pakistan in the year 2005. She represented Pakistan in the year 2018.

  • Insha Afsar represented Pakistan in the Paralympics in the year 2018.
  • She lost her leg during an Earthquake which struck the Northern region of Pakistan in 2005.
  • She competes with almost 40 athletes in the US in the year 2015.

This girl with one leg represented Pakistan in Paralympics

Insha Afsar the girl who lost her leg due to an earthquake that occurred in the Northern region of Pakistan in 2005. When the earthquake occurred she was in school.

She visited the USA for Prosthesis. She was featured in the TIMES magazine and an editor helped her. Todd Bent and Rebecca Lambert offered help to Insha, they sponsored Her and offered her a permanent house if she will continue her education in the United States. Insha accepted the offer and said that she missed going to school.

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She was interested in Ski racing, apart of Education, she learned about the ski racing sport. She learned the sport quickly. In the year 2013, she attended the Hartford Ski Spectacular for the USA’s Diana Golden Scholarship Program for the first time. She trained with many Paralympic coaches there in order to develop her skills.

She then shared the same knowledge and experience with others in her school.

She is a part of NSCD the national Sports center for the Disabled. She said that her coach Erik Peterson is the reason why she is able to do this and learned how to do this.

She has competed in the Paralympics in the year 2018 representing Pakistan and came in the top 10.

She was the only one from Pakistan to represent it at the winter games held in South Korea. She now dreams to earn dual citizenship and compete for Team USA at the 2022 games which are her goal Now.

Insha said that she likes speed and likes going fast and wants to do everything fast. She is a role model for everyone and motivates others.

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She hopes that there are many girls who represent Pakistan in the near future. She has overcome many hurdles,  one such hurdle was the thinking of society.

Pakistani society doesn’t focus on the sportswoman. The society’s norms that girls should get married and their only home are where her husband stays.

But Insha overcame this hurdle as well. She hopes that other girls pursue their dreams and represent Pakistan in sports.


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