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Muslim Girl Whose House & Books Burnt in Delhi Riots Clears CBSE 12th Exam 1st Class.


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Nargis Naseem passed her 12th board Exams and scored 62% Marks. She passed the exams after her books were burnt during the Delhi riots. Her home was burnt down and all her books were turned into ashes.

Muslim Girl Whose House & Books Burnt in Delhi Riots Clears CBSE 12th Exam 1st Class.
  • Nargis Naseem passed the 12th Class board Exams.
  • She cleared her Exams though her books were burnt.
  • She scores 62% Marks in the Exams.

Muslim girl clears CBSE 12th Class Exam though her house and books were Burnt during Delhi riots.

Nargis Naseem passed the 12th Class Board Exams and scored 62% in Exams. Her house and books got burnt during the Delhi riots. When she was returning from her exam on 24h February she saw that there were riots in Khajuri Khas which was near her house. The people there then helped her to reach her house safely. The next day her house was burnt.

Nargis and her family went to Chandu Nagar where they took a small room. Her family then gave her books which they bought from NGO. The results were declared this Monday and she scored 62% marks. She scored good marks in two subjects and got decent marks in the rest of the subjects.

She was happy that despite the situation she got good marks and this made her happy. Her family was happy that she was able to pass as all her books were burnt and they were worried as to how she will be able to manage in this difficult situation. Despite all this, she scored well and did well which made her family happy.

Nargis was not sure that she could pass with 62% of marks as she didn’t have the books to prepare well for the exams and score good marks. She was surprised to see the result and was even more surprised to see 62% Marks in Examination.


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