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Delhi Riots: Police Attacked Muslims Alongside Hindutva Rioters.


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There were numerous videos shared on social platforms on Delhi Riots. Similarly, a report published by BBC shows that Hindu Mobs were backed by police.

Delhi Riots: Police Attacked Muslims Alongside Hindutva Rioters.
  • BBC claims to have evidence that the Delhi police acted alongside Hindu rioters during the attack on Muslims.
  • Investigation reveals police brutally targeting Muslims.
  • During the riots, police forced Faizan to sing National Anthem.

According to the reports published by BBC on Wednesday states that there is a piece of “undercover evidence” that Delhi police were together with Hindu rioters during the attack on Muslims.

As per the Investigation done by BBC’s Yogita Limaye, Shalu Yadav, Nick Woolley reveals cases where police brutally targeted Muslims during the Delhi Riots where 49 people have been reported to be dead.

BBC shared a video that shows police working closely with rioters on the Facebook page.

Himanshu Rathod who was involved in violence said that they did not have enough stones and the police brought them some stones. Another case where a Muslim man said that his property was burnt and he saw police coming along with rioters to set fire to the shops.

Another incident where a video showed how Faizan was forced by the police to sing National  Anthem. Nayeem who is Faizan’s brother says that Faizan died because the police have beaten him during the riots.

Delhi police have responded to BBC’s request to comment on Faizan’s death, Joint commissioner Alok Kumar said that an inquiry has been ordered and whoever is responsible action will be taken against them.

In another incident, police molested a group of Muslims to a level that one of them died.

Another video was shared on social media where a man reveals how he was beaten by the police.  Man who recorded Nation Anthem video said that police were beating Muslims and was ganged up against them demanding them to sing the National Anthem.

Click the link to watch Faizan being tortured by Delhi Police on Facebook.

The video showed how the police kicked them with their legs and were hitting them on their face. He even said that some rioters were wearing police uniforms but they did not have a badge on their uniform.

He requested the people not to do this violence but they showed him the gun and he had to go away from that place, later on, she recorded this video from a distance.


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