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Delhi Riots Mobs Molested This 45 Year Women and Her Daughter


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Delhi riots caused chaos around the country where two groups attacked one another. In it, a group of attackers molested 45-year-old women and her daughter.

Delhi Riots Mobs Molested This 45 Year Women and Her Daughter
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  • 45 Year old women and her daughters were molested by the mob during riots.
  • The mob barged in their house.
  • They jumped from the first floor to protect themselves.

A 45-year-old woman who lives in North East Delhi tried to escape from their house as a mob barged into their house, during the Delhi riots.

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She ran NGO in Karawal Nagar in North East Delhi.

The women run an NGO in Karawal Nagar said that she was at home when a mob barged in and molested the women and her daughters and tore their clothes.

They tried to escape from him and jumped from the first floor of the building to protect themselves from the mob.

They escaped attackers only after entering the Muslim populated area.

The unpleasant situation ended when the women along with her daughters entered a lane where Muslims live. The mob continued to chase them but then left as he was not able to find them.

Who gave them the shelter of being chased from their home?

The women and her daughters were given shelter in the house of a Grocery shop owner named Ayub Ahmed who was known to them. As they were staying in his house the mob couldn’t find them and her left.

Ayub Ahmed gave food and other necessary things to the women and her daughters and the next day he took them to Al-Hind Hospital.

The woman said that she can identify the mob as he was from her lane. Ayub said that the mother and the daughters were scared by the incident.

Another resident of Karawal Nagar was also attacked.

There are many such cases that occurred during the Delhi riots which left people traumatized. Another case where Salman a resident of Karawal Nagar said that a mob poured chemical on his back due to which his skin was burned.

He further said that few people caught him and started to pour Acid like liquid on his back, his skin started to burn. He was taken to hospital by police.

A doctor of Al-Hind named Mehraj reported that they referred 4 to 5 cases to government hospitals as their condition was bad and two people were reported to be dead and they are treating other people in their hospital.


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