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Delhi Riots: Ashfaq Hussain Who Got Married 12 Days Ago SHOT Dead.


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A family member of Ashfaq Hussain. Image Credit / BBC

Ashfaq Hussain was killed by rioters on 25th February in East Delhi. He Married Tasleen Fatima on 14th February in Sakhi, Bulandshahr. Ashfaq who was a resident of Delhi had to travel back to Mustafabad at the same time the conflicts began. When the news about the riots spread everywhere the bride along with the family Members waited another day to return. Later on, Tuesday Fatima joined Ashfaq in Delhi where the situation was tensed in Gokulpuri and Mustafabad.

Ashfaq Hussain was shot five times in the Delhi riots.

On Tuesday Tasleema cooked food and Ashfaq and his family eat it, it was the first meal the couple shared after their marriage, but soon he left for work. Ashfaq was an electrician, as soon as he got a call that a nearby house had lost power and he was being called to check it. Ashfaq was shot nearby and his body was taken away, his family was unaware of this incident.

Ashfaq’s father who is a vegetable vendor said that while he was returning from evening Namaz someone reported to him that his son was bleeding and he was taken to the hospital. Ashfaq was first taken to Al-Hid hospital where he was declared dead, later he was sent to GTB hospital. The family is still waiting for the body.

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Ashfaq’s uncle Mukhtar Ahmed told News18 that they tried to call cops, fire stations but no one came, even Ambulance was not allowed to arrive. Religious structures, schools were burnt. Another incident happened in the same area where 24-year-old boy Shahzaan khan went missing from Monday. His body was found in Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar Hospital, which was reported to the family. The family had a hope when the doctors said that he was injured but later he was declared dead. Kamlesh Sisodia who was the landlady of Shahzaan reported that He was like a son to her, he was a sweet boy and never got into trouble with others. The reason for Shahzaan’s death was still not confirmed. Both the families are waiting for the bodies to be given to them.


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