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Islamophobia Led a Catholic Girl to Islam


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Islamophobia Led a Catholic Girl to Islam
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  • Islamophobia Led a Catholic Girl to Islam
  • Islamophobia made her curious to know more about the religion and why Islam is shown as negative.
  • Charlotte a 25-year-old girl who is from Belgium accepts Islam.
  • She converted to Islam after rejecting Catholicism i.e., Christianity.

Islam is considered to be the fastest-growing religion in the world because many people are converting to Islam after knowing more about it, Many Non-muslims are converting to Islam and finds Islam as the rightful religion. Many believe that Islam has a strong voice because of the new reverts in Western countries.

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A 25-year-old girl named Charlotte is from Belgium who converted to Islam after rejecting Catholicism. She believed that Islam has always been around her but she got to know more about it after she decided to do research about it. Since she was a child she saw Muslims of different backgrounds as she grew up in 6 different countries. Charlotte has many Muslim friends but she never got to know that they were Muslims as they were all Belgian and were living together. Her friends never told her about Islam or anything about the religion, She learned about Islam through Media, who always show Islam as unclear.

Islamophobia was the reason she decided to know about Islam

Islamophobia was the reason she decided to know about Islam and why some people are against it and why it is shown in a negative light. Her friends were not religious so she decided to do self-research instead of asking them. She started her research by reading the Quran, she began to read it but never knew that it will have a huge impact on her life. Along with the Quran she read Islamic History which she found was an eye-opening experience.

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 Charlotte said that She was overwhelmed by reading the Quran, she said that it gave hope and always gives positivity. When she read about Islam, Her instinct was “Wow I need to be Muslim, I want to be Muslim” and she converted to Islam. She was suffering from many problems but after she converted to Islam Most of her problems are solved. She felt that Islam helps her to recover quickly from the worst situations.


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