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Women charged for pulling a Muslim Woman’s Hijab


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Women charged with Hate crimes and for pulling Muslim Women’s hijab. The Muslim woman told the police that she does not feel safe after the incident and will decide to come up with an alternative way to cover herself.

Women charged for pulling a Muslim Woman’s Hijab
  • Women charged with hate crimes In Oregon.
  • The woman tried to strangle a Muslim woman and pulled off her hijab.
  • The police declared that she was doing it intentionally.

Jasmine Renee Campbell 23 charged for pulling a Muslim Woman’s Hijab

In Oregon, a woman named Jasmine Renee Campbell who is 23 years of age from Portland has been charged with bias crimes and for strangulation. The statement about the charge was released by Multnomah County District Attorney office.

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As per reports Jasmine Renee Campbell snatched the hijab of a Muslim woman who is said to be 24 years of age and belongs to Saudi Arabia. The incident took place at a transit stop.

The district attorney said that Campbell does not know the Muslim women and approached her from behind. She then tried to choke the Muslim Women by grabbing her hijab.

The Muslim women tried to push Campbell away but Campbell took the hijab. After she took the hijab Campbell then tried to rub it all over her body parts.

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The victim who is a foreign exchange student from Portland state university said that she is horrified with the incident and does not feel safe anymore and said that she will not wear a hijab in public places but will find some alternative method to cover her head.

Campbell was scheduled to appear in the court and she did not attend it. Many phone calls were made to her but she did not have any lawyer.

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The Oregon chapter of the Council On American Islamic relations chairman named Zakir Khan said that this incident is a tragedy. He said that women are being targeted all over the country.

He even said that hate crime not just affect the person but it also affects the community to which the person belongs. He said that a country must come together to stop such incidents and come together to protect people and make them feel at home.


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