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France MPs left meeting over student wearing Hijab


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The lawmakers in Paris walks out of a Meeting when they saw a Muslim woman wearing a hijab being present at the Meeting. This happened in France Parliament and few right-wing lawmakers left the meeting.

France MPs left meeting over student wearing Hijab
  • Right-wing lawmakers in Paris leaves meeting which was being carried out in parliament.
  • The reason for them to do so was The Muslim women who were present in the Meeting followed the hijab.
  • The members of the right-wing parliament earlier said that they cannot let the Muslim Student representatives wear scarf.

Lawmakers in Paris walks out of a Meeting due to the Presence of a Muslim Women wearing a Hijab

During a meeting held in France Parliament, the Right Wing lawmakers were seen walking out of a meeting as there was a Muslim woman present at the Meeting who followed the hijab.

The meeting discussed the Pandemic situation and how it has been affecting young people. Few members of the Right-wing parliament said that they could not accept the member of the meeting who wears a hijab.

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The ruling party member Anne Christine Lang further said that the Students union representative who is named Maryam Pougetoux will not be accepted as she was wearing a headscarf.

Anne Christian Lang further took to twitter to expresses her opinion about what happened in the meeting. She tweeted that she will not be able to accept the presence of someone who is wearing a headscarf, particularly when there is a national assembly going on which represents the heart of democracy.

She further added that she cannot accept a person wearing a headscarf as she is committed to the republican values and committed to secularism.

Soon after this Sandrine Morch who is from other ruling party said that there is no such rule which stated a particular type of attire or which prevented people from attending the meeting in the religious attire and said that the reaction of other lawmakers was unnecessary.

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Morch further pointed out that the discussion which is going on related to the headscarf would not be allowed to shift the focus of the meeting which focused on the future of the youth of the country.

Maryam, when she was appointed as a speaker by UNEF in 2018 which is a student union faced discrimination and criticism by Marlene Schiappa who was the Minister of State for Gender Equality. Along with this many other political figures acted the same way.


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