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LAPD officer forcibly Remove Muslimahs Hijab, She Filed Federal Lawsuit


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A Muslim woman has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department and said that several officers have forcibly removed her hijab. She filed for a lawsuit on Thursday.

  • Muslim women said that the LAPD officers forcibly removed her head covering.
  • She has filed a lawsuit against them.
  • She shared about the incident which took place one year ago and narrates about the exact event which happened during the situation.

Muslim women files lawsuit when LAPD officers removed her hijab

26 year old Muslim Women named Nusaiba Mubarak said in an online news conference about how the LAPD officers forcibly removed her hijab.

She said that while she was standing in the line and was waiting to comment on the LAPD shooting last year, she was pushed by three police officers who have pushed her and she was handcuffed. They removed her hijab forcefully and she was humiliated.

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The attorney who is from the Council on American Islamic Relations is representing Mubarak said that there was no justification for removing her hijab.

She was just standing in the line waiting for her turn and does not deserve this behavior. When she was handcuffed after that she was released and she shared that it was horrifying and she was terrified because if this.

Mubarak filed a lawsuit against the LAPD and protested for the individual’s religious rights to wear the hijab. The LAPD spokesperson said that the department cannot comment on the litigation.

Mubarak’s attorney Lena Masri said that many Muslim women are facing problems where their hijab is being removed by people who are at a higher level. She even said that the way they attacked the women show how her religious liberty is being surprised.

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The women’s constitutional rights will be questioned if she does not get justice for her rights. Nausaiba said that she cannot forget the incident as it was a horrific incident. She shared the whole incident in an online News conference.

 A federal lawsuit was filed on Thursday which stated that the civil rights as well as the religious rights were violated by the Los Angeles Police Department and this incident occurred last year. It is said that the attack on Nusaiba Was a senseless attack.


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