Trump: Saudi Arabia among other countries expected to make peace with Israel


Donald Trump says that Saudi Arabia can be among those countries that wants to make  Peace. He said that he spoke about it with the king of Saudi Arabia.

Trump: Saudi Arabia among other countries expected to make peace with Israel
  • Donald Trump said that 6 to 7 countries are ready to make peace with Israel.
  • He says that Saudi Arabia Maybe among those countries.
  • He spoke with the king of Saudi Arabia and discussed normalizing ties with Israel.

Saudi Arabia to be among those nations who are expected to make peace with Israel

Donald Trump On Tuesday stated that he spoke with the King of Saudi Arabia related to normalizing ties with Israel. He said that he expects that Saudi will do so.

Earlier UAE and Bahrain both have Normalized their ties with Israel. This move was addressed at the White House ceremony. Trump stated that 5 to 6 countries are ready to normalize their ties with Israel.

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Soon after this announcement, more countries joined in the list of those who want to normalize ties with Israel. A total of 9  Countries have come forward to normalize ties.

Trump said that the countries who are coming forward to normalize ties want to see peace for which these countries have been fighting for a long time.

He further said that there will be peace in the Middle East and there will be a great activity. He added that most of the countries which belonged to the Middle East wants to make Peace.

Referring to Israel Trump said that Israel will get peace. Trump said that the Palestinians will join them too.

Trump said that he respects all the Countries that came forward to make Peace. On Tuesday Israel signed a deal named the land normalization deal.

This deal was signed with two Arab countries. While the deal was being signed at the White House, Trump said that everyone has gathered to change the history.

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The Israel Palestine conflict which has been carried on from decades was not addressed through the agreements. Trump said that this conflict must not keep Israel and other countries from maintaining a Normal relation with each other.

On 15th September the foreign Minister of the UAE along with the Prime Minister of Israel, Bahrain’s foreign minister, and Donald Trump signed the agreement.


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