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After UAE, Bahrain Also Normalize Ties With Israel


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Bahrain along with the United Arab Emirates has decided to normalize ties with Israel. On Twitter Donald Trump has declared the deal which took place between Bahrain And Israel.

After UAE, Bahrain Also Normalize Ties With Israel
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  • Bahrain and Israel Normalise ties.
  • Donald Trump declared the news on his Twitter account.
  • Donald Trump stated it as a Historic Day.

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Bahrain tries to Normalise ties with Israel

The United Arab Emirates decided to normalize ties with Israel by signing a deal that was scheduled and hosted by Donald Trump One month ago.

Bahrain has agreed to join the United Arab Emirates in normalizing ties with Israel. Donald Trump spoke with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and with Bahrain’s  King James bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Donald Trump addressed it as a Historic day and said that he didn’t think that this could happen so fast.

The joint statement between the United States, the Kingdom of Bahrain, and Israel have stated that the King of Bahrain along with the Prime Minister of Israel and Donald Trump spoke and agreed to begin diplomatic relations between both Israel and Bahrain. Both the nation’s thank Donald Trump for narrowing the gap and for bringing the nation’s together.

The Historic Declaration of peace is yet to be signed by Bahrain’s Foreign Minister. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have dropped the ban on flights of Israel.

The peace must be based to solve the Israel Palestine conflict said, King Hamad. Palestine has rejected the step taken by other nations and said that it must retreat as it harms the rights of Palestinian people.

Many Palestinian has protested against the ties which took place between Arab states and Israel. The Executive director at the Arab center of Washington named Khalil Jahshan said that it was Saudi’s decision.  Saudi Arabia has helped Bahrain by offering a $10 billion economic bailouts in the year 2018 along with Kuwait and UAE.

The White House advisor Jared Kushner went to Bahrain In September. The Palestine leaders said that it is a treacherous stab towards the Palestinian cause and is against this decision taken by other Arab countries.

Other parties who are a part of the deal commend the United Arab Emirates for announcing peaceful relations with Israel on August 13.


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