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Saudi Arabia allows Vogue Arabia to photoshoot in Madina.


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Saudi Arabia has been constantly trying to open International tourism and vogue magazine photoshoot is a part of this. The photoshoot was held in Al Ula which is 300 km away from Madina.

Saudi Arabia allows Vogue Arabia to photoshoot in Madina.
  • Saudi Arabia has allowed photoshoot in Madina
  • it became a controversy as the photoshoot was held near the Holy City.
  • The models wore clothes which does not go well as it is a Heritage site and is located close to the Holy City.

Vogue Arabia photoshoot to be held in Madina.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a loud photoshoot for Vogue Arabia magazine in the province of Madinah. Saudi Arabia is trying to move towards modernization and for this purpose, they gave formation to vogue Arabia to carry out the photoshoot. The models were tight clothes that the people found inappropriate as it is the holy site.

The photoshoot is done to promote the label Monot. Models like Kate Moss, Maria Cario Boscono, Candice Swanepoel, Jourdan Dunn, Amber Valletta, Xiao wen, and Alex Wek who suited for the magazine.

Al Ula is a Heritage site and the models were seen wearing tight clothes during the photo shoot. The organizer of the photoshoot said that the shoot was special as the place has captured her attention. People found this immodest as the place is a Heritage site and away from Madina.

The vision 2030 which is being undertaken by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has focused on modernizing the place. The lifting up of the restrictions and mixing up of both genders, please of tourism are all part of vision 2030.

The opening of cinema halls and theatres, fewer restrictions on all those things which were once restricted are moving towards the fulfillment of vision 2030.

People were angry after the first photo shoot was shared on social media. They said that The Heritage of the religious sites must be maintained and such photoshoots must not be conducted there. Madina and the place around Madina have always been given utmost respect as it is the place of last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).


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