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Illegally Trapped Workers In Saudi Arabia See COVID 19 As Only Escape Route.


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Coronavirus has made Illegal workers in Saudi Arabia to find a way to escape. Many workers are waiting for a chance to escape due to pandemic. Many of them demanded to reform the labor policy.

Illegally Trapped Workers In Saudi Arabia See COVID 19 As Only Escape Route.
  • Many illegal workers are finding a chance to escape from Saudi Arabia.
  • The pandemic is seen as a chance to escape by the debt-ridden workers.
  • The campaigners want the labor policy to be reformed.

Debt ridden workers in Saudi Arabia wants the labour policy to be reformed.

The workers and laborers in Saudi Arabia hopes that the pandemic will give them a chance to escape. Many workers who are staying in Saudi Arabia are thousands in number. They are finding it difficult to fight against Coronavirus.

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Many Campaigners want the Saudi Arabia Government to pardon the workers who are debt-ridden and are trapped in Saudi Arabia. Due to the pandemic, the laborers are finding it difficult to live there.

Due to the “Kafala” system, the laborers are not able to live in Saudi Arabia as this system requires the laborers to take permission from Saudi Employees before they enter and exit from the kingdom.

Hatem who is an electrician from Sudan said that he is living in the worst situation due to this system. His kids, mother, and sister are living in Sudan, due to Coronavirus, the people are living in difficult situations. Hatem can only leave Saudi Arabia when he clears his debt. There are many like Hatem who have to clear their debt.

Saudi Arabia has declared that it will provide free treatment to all the illegal workers during this pandemic. The workers there are afraid that if they seek the treatment they might get arrested and there is no guarantee that they won’t be arrested. A 36-year-old worker said that even if he had to go to the hospital he will not go as he might get arrested.

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Saudi Arabia has recorded a total of 200,000 cases and 2000 people are dead. Many say that due to the illegal workers hiding there is a high risk of Coronavirus being spread to others. Many workers say that the kafala system should not be followed.


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