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3500 Palestinians killed, attacked by Israel forces.


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Soon after the premiership which was signed between UAE and Bahrain, about 3600 People were are Palestinians were killed because of the attacks done by Israel forces.

Trump: Saudi Arabia among other countries expected to make peace with Israel
  • 3500 Palestinians killed in an attack.
  • The attack was done by the Israel forces.
  • This was soon witnessed after an agreement which was signed by UAE and Bahrain.

Around 3500 Palestinians killed in an attack by Israel forces

More than 3500 Palestinians were killed and thousands of them 5were injured during attacks done by Israel Forces. The partnership between Benjamin Netanyahu was being signed by UAE and Bahrain In order to maintain peace and maintain Normal relations.

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People consider that the Chief architects of Israel’s oppression are Netanyahu who was Prime Minister when the attacks on Gaza took place.

3500 Palestinians killed, attacked by Israel forces.

Since Netanyahu became the Prime Minister nearly 3500. Palestinians were killed during an attack done by Israel forces in the area which is occupied by them since 2009.

Out of the people who are reported to be dead 799 are said to be children and 342 of them were women. The one who took the Prime Minister seat seven times was Netanyahu who was the one who ordered the Operation pillar of cloud in the year 2012 and ordered operation Protective Edge in the year 2014 when the attacks began in Gaza.

As per the reports stated by the UN, the attack on Gaza which was made by Israel included 6,000 airstrikes and about 50,000 tank and artillery shells for about 50 days.

Due to which 2,251 Palestinians were under attack. This led to the death of 551 children and 299 women were killed. 11,000 people were injured due to the attacks. More than 1,500 children became orphans.

As per the estimates, a total number of 28,366 houses were destroyed in the attacks. The attacks lead to homelessness for 65,000 Palestinians.

Also: Trump: Saudi Arabia among other countries expected to make peace with Israel

Recently after the agreement between UAE and Bahrain was signed there was an attack on the Palestinians which lead to the death of many.

These attacks were done by the Israel forces. The homes which are being destructed by the forces the Israel administration takes the cost of destruction from the owners of the house so Palestinians decided to demolish their own house.

There are many ways in which the Palestinian people were being pressed for many years. Thousands of children, women, men were killed. Many became homeless. Images of children being injured and dead were circulated which is heartbreaking.


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