France: Where Hijab is banned Removes Hijab Ban Fearing Coronavirus.


France was the first country in Europe to ban Veil and ordered that face should not be covered in public places. In 2011 it was made illegal to cover the face or use veil in public places a law was passed for the same.

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France now fines for not covering.

Now it has been reported that a new law has been passed by France, according to which if someone is not wearing a veil or if someone is not covering their face they will be fined € 150.

As the fear of Coronavirus has been seen all over the world the fashion show in Paris known as The Paris Fashion Week, where models were seen wearing masks to cover their faces.

The masks were the same as the outfits which were worn by the models. Muslims usually call this as Niqaab.

France passed a law to cover face.

Masks were usually the one which covers the entire face of the Models. France made it illegal to cover the face or use veil in the year 2011 and now it has passed a law to cover the face.

As per reports France did this so that it is easy to identify any person in cameras when there is an increase in the security, as it can spot the person easily.

Hijab ban in France raged anger among the Muslim community.

Muslims all over the world are angry as Muslim women in France were not allowed to wear a veil and was banned.

It was the first European country to do so and now it has passed a new law addressing people to wear the mask.

Veil not only covers the face but also protects a person from Germs which are not visible to us.


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