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Delhi Riots: Hindus Put Sorry Banners On Dwarka Mosque.


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Delhi Riots: Hindus Put Sorry Banners On Dwarka Mosque.

A mosque in Shahjahanabad in Dwarka was attacked. The people in the locality express their concern towards Muslims and apologized for the hatred being expressed by the attackers.

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Hindus from the area use posters to express their love for all religions. The posters included messages like “We love Muslims”, “We are sorry” was written on the Posters.

On February 28 the mosque was attacked. The people who attacked the mosque were seen throwing stones at the Mosque and even broke the windows.

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Delhi Riots.

Two Imams of the Mosque named Imam Rashid and Iman Abdul Mannan were present during the attack.  The attackers shouted Jai Shri Ram after they were throwing stones on the Mosque.

DCP of Dwarka, Delhi stated that such an incident never happened and fake news is being spread on Social media. The residents say that the police want to hide the incident.

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People in Dwarka took this step to spread love and respect for all the religions. They said that they love Muslim’s and Attackers can’t separate Or create hatred among people by doing so.

Netizens loved it.

These posters were spread all over the social media and people Appreciated the Residents of Dwarka for taking this much-needed step to spread love and concern for what has happened.

The riots in Delhi has been considered as the worst situation being experienced by the people of Delhi. Everyone must take steps to spread Love for each other’s religion and stop spreading hatred, people on social media were seen saying the same. The situation in Delhi has been in control and Muslims were able to perform Jummah Salah.


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