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Delhi Riots: Muslims Offered Friday Prayer Under Armed Guards.


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Recent Delhi riots were one of the worst situations Delhi had ever faced where minorities were targeted because they protested against the new Citizenship Law in the country.

Delhi Riots: Muslims Offered Friday Prayer Under Armed Guards.
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Delhi riots left many lives homeless.

One week before Delhi has experienced the worst situation due to riots in which 42 people have been killed and hundreds of people were injured.

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On Friday the Muslims offered prayers in the North-East part of Delhi where the riots actually took place, where guns, stones, and acid were used during riots.

Even if they burn the mosque we’ll rebuild and pray in it.

There was security all over the place. Mohammed Sulaiman who offered the prayer in the mosque that was set on fire said that if they burn mosques then we will build it again and pray, he further said that it is the right of every Muslim to pray and no one can stop anybody from practicing their religion.

 There are many bodies that have not been identified and Hospitals are trying to identify the dead. The residents are still searching for relatives where the riots took place.

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According to police, they have detained more than 600 people who were involved in the riots. The people who attended the Friday prayer were asked to disperse soon after the prayer in Mustafabad.

Rioters set the mosque on fire.

The Imam of the Mosque said that these are hard times and everyone must show patience. The rioters set fire to the mosque and many in the Neighbourhood were afraid after this incident.

Residents in the shiv Vihar area blocked the area which leads to the mosque with burnt Motorcycles and said that no one will enter until the rioters get arrested because according to them these motorcycles were burnt by the Muslims.

A person who prayed at the mosque this Friday said that they wanted to live a peaceful life and want to work, earn for their children and want to live a normal life.


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