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Islam is Growing at Pace in Japan, Mosques and Muslims Increasing.


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Islam is Growing at Pace in Japan, Mosques and Muslims Increasing.

Islam’s fastest-growing religion in Japan.

Japan has a population of about 120,000 out of the total population in Japan.  Muslim population constitutes of about 10% of the total population of Japan. In the year 1982, there were only 30,000 Muslims in Japan but as the years passed Muslim Population has Increased so far.

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Shibuya in Japan is known for a beautiful Masjid. The Masjid is beautifully constructed which attracts Non-Muslims. They want to enter the Mosque.

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A video has been circulated on Social Media where it can be seen how visitors are thrilled by the beauty of this mosque and there was a wedding held there.

Shibuya is well known for its shopping malls and entertainment area.  It is considered as the most colorful district along with night clubs which adds to the interest of the visitors.

Japan Muslim Association.

The Islamic foundations in Japan are the Japan Muslim Association, Japan Muslim Peace Federation, Nagoya Mosque, Mie Masjid Mie Islamic Culture center, Tokyo university Muslim cultural Association, Islamic Circle of Japan.

Japan introduced Mosques on the wheel.

The need for the Muslim Community in Japan has been addressed and the main objective of the Muslim community is educating members about Islam and Islamic values.

In 1935 the first mosque in Japan was built which is known as Kobe Mosque. It was built by Tatar Migrants who are the largest Muslim Ethnic groups in Japan.

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The Imam in Mosques is only 5 in number. The mosque in Japan is planning to establish an Islamic School.  Every year the Muslim tourist in Japan are increasing in number and efforts are made to meet the needs of these tourists.

Many restaurants that provide Halal food are also found in Japan. The Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has reached an agreement with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to set up halal food industry as well as Islamic finance.


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