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Inappropriate Pictures On Prayer Mats, Animal, and Designs.


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Inappropriate images were found on prayer rugs on which Muslims offer prayer. Images of Animals and Symbols that might distract their concentration.

  • Images of Animals are found on Prayer Mats which are widely distributed.
  • The Christian symbol such as Cross was also printed on the Mats.
  • It is not permitted to use Mats which has printed objects or Animals.

Muslims in Islam.

In Islam Muslims prostrate to Allah (S.W.T) and worship Allah alone, Muslims do not worship Stones, Idols or any Images. While praying the concentration should be only on Allah alone, but there are Mats that have the drawings of Animals like a pig face, or certain things and Images or Cross which is a symbol of Christians were distributed widely. All these Images and Drawings will divert our attention from when we are praying. So it is prohibited to use mats with Images or Any other thing drawn on it.

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The cross symbol

The Cross symbol used by Christians is found on the Prayer Mats and such Mats must not be purchased as it resembles Christians. Some mats include the picture of Kabah and people do not purchase it in order not to step on it. There were campaigns to boycott such mats. In Islam the inanimate objects are not haram like the trees, Buildings, etc. however people urge others not to buy them because it diverts attention while a person is praying.

Hadiths: Prophet Mohammed S.A.W

As per the Hadith 373 of Al-Bukhari, It was Narrated by Aisha(RA) that the Prophet prayed in a Square garment which is also known as Khamisa, had marks on it. During the prayer, the Prophet looked at the marks which were on the mat. After the prophet finished his prayer he said to take the khamisa to Abu Jahm and get his Inbijaniya which is a woolen garment without marks on it, the prophet said this as it has diverted the attention.

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It is prohibited to use Mats with the Images of Kabah on it because it is disrespectful to use such mats as people can step on it. Though it is not prohibited it can divert your attention as Namaz must be performed with utmost concentration. Mats which contain drawings or Images of animals must not be used.


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