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Suman Haripriya BJP MLA Coronavirus Can be Cured Using Cow Dung


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Suman Haripriya BJP MLA thinks one can get rid of coronavirus by using cow dung, she further said cow dung can also cure cancer and cow urine with honey is used to prepare Ayurvedic.

Suman Haripriya BJP MLA Coronavirus Can be Cured Using Cow Dung
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  • Suman Haripriya, a BJP leader said that Coronavirus can be cured using Gaumutra.
  • Cow urine and dung can be used to cure the deadly virus.
  • Hawan needs to be performed using cow’s dung to purify Air in China.

BJP MLA of Assam said that coronavirus is an Airborne disease and it can be cured by using Cow Dung and cow urine. Read Full report here

So what did she actually say?

The MLA said that cow dung and urine can be used to treat many deadly diseases and viruses. People believe that Cow dung and cow urine can be used to treat cancer and can be used to treat coronavirus patients.

According to sources, the urine of virgin cows in India is sold at a very high rate, it is considered as more energetic. Many videos People can be seen taking a bath in cow dung and urine, washing their body with it as they believe that it cures many diseases.

China needs to do Hawan with cow dung to purify the air: Suman Haripriya.

Suman Haripriya also said that by doing Hawan using cow dung (offering Prayer to god in front of the fire by using dung) to purify the air and china needs to do this as it can purify country’s Air.

Suman Haripriya further said that Saints used to do Hawan (Offering prayers to god in front of the fire) by using Dung and Air up to five kilometers was purified.

She said that in ancient times people use to make “Panchamrit” which consists of cow’s urine, milk, and honey. It was used to cure many diseases and people lived for a thousand years. She said that Cow dung and urine has many medicinal qualities which are used to cure many viruses.

Even ayurvedic hospitals use cow dung and urine.

She says that there is an Ayurvedic Hospital in Gujarat where cow dung is used to treat cancer patients, dung is applied to the patients and there is a lot of success by using cow dung and urine.

 All these statements must not be believed and People need to visit a doctor to treat themselves.


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