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ZamZam Cured The Tumor of This Bosnian Man


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A resident of Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo named Nihad J got his tumor cured just by drinking ZamZam water. Water that is found only in Saudi Arabia.

ZamZam Cured The Tumor of This Bonian Man
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  • Bosnian Muslim man having a liver tumor was cured by ZamZam water.
  • ZamZam water is from the waters in Paradise.
  • It contains many healing effects.

Zam-Zam cured the Tumor of a Bosnian man name Nihad J.

Nihad J who is from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina was reported to have been diagnosed with a liver tumor, the doctors said him that they cannot do anything and there is not much hope left.

Nihad was tensed as the doctors asked him to transplant his liver, the doctors had even stated the time limit for it, Nihad was unable to find any Donor in such a short time and moreover the days were passing by, as his last days were coming nearer the doctors told him to remember Allah.

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When did he do when he loses hope?

Nihad decided to perform Hajj and all the other rituals, as he was left with no hope he went to the holy city of Mecca. There he met an Imam who was from the city Visoko, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

While talking with Nihad the Imam felt that there was that Nihad was hiding, Imam asked Nihad about it and Nihad discussed it with Imam and said him about his health.

Who advised Nihad J to try ZamZam to cure his tumor?

Imam told Nihad about the ZamZam water and its benefits, he convinced Nihad to drink ZamZam water and see how it bring about a change in his health conditions. Imam also asked Nihad to drink ZamZam water with the intention of getting cured and healed from the disease. 

Nihad agreed and began to drink ZamZam, for 6 days and nights he drank only ZamZam water, he did not drink ordinary water.

When did he get to know he’s cured?

After performing Hajj Nihad went back to Bosnia, He visited the Doctor to know how much time is left for him to die. The doctors diagnosed him, to their surprise there was no tumor in his Liver.

The doctors informed him about this and said that it was a blessing from Allah(S.W.T) that he was cured and ZamZam was a source through which he got healed. Even after 17 years, Nihad is living a happy life with his family.

ZamZam water is the purest water on this earth. It has healing powers, Muslims treat ZamZam as sacred as it is among the waters of Paradise.


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