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Sarah From Pakistan built Air Engine That Can Cause Rain


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Sarah From Pakistan built Air Engine That Can Cause Rain
Dr. Sarah Qureshi
  • Dr.Sarah Launched a company named “Aero Engine Craft”
  • She designed a Contrail Free engine.
  • She won two international patents for her work.

Dr. Sarah Qureshi is an Aerospace Engineer from Pakistan.

Dr.Sarah Qureshi is a Muslim Aerospace Engineer who belongs from Pakistan. From the National University of Science and technology She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering.

Sarah holds a Masters Degree in Aerospace Dynamics and from Cranfield University, United Kingdom a Ph.D. in Aerospace propulsion. The development of her work has been remarkable.

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Dr. Sarah Qureshi is currently working on developing an engine for Airplanes which are pollution-free in order to reduce Global Warming and also to produce Artificial rains. Sarah Said that the first eco-friendly aircraft engine will be released by Pakistan later this year.

Sarah has been working to create the world’s first vapor trail (seen as a white streak against the sky) free aircraft engine from 2018. This white streak which is emitted from engines has an impact on the atmosphere.

Sarah Qureshi interview on Hum Tv

This is what Sarah had to say in her interview.

In a recent interview, Sara said that she has Launched a company named “Aero Engine Craft” to make engines that are environment-friendly along with the help of her Father Masood Latif Qureshi, who is a physicist and a scientist.

Sarah developed an engine that is supported by idiosyncratic pressure based condensation system which is being used to cool the water vapors in the airplane exhaust. The water can be released as rain which is on the airplane.

Sarah Qureshi on TEDx Talks

She came up with an idea of tackling global warming and even got awards for it.

She is a certified Aerobatic pilot, with the help of her team she designed a contrail free engine that will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in order to reduce global warming.

The project developed by Sarah Has won Two International patents as reported by her and she has mentioned that it will take about 6 years to make it commercially available.

She further said.

Sarah said that this is the first Environment-friendly initiative taken by the country and it will portray Pakistan’s role to help eliminate global warming and fight against it.


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