Nigerian Police Officer Who Built Mosque From Salary


A place where corruption is at its peak, this police officer from Nigeria dared built a Mosque from his salary and was willing to spend more.

  • Nigerian policeman says that he will spend his wealth to build Islam.
  • He decided to build a Mosque.
  • He sets an example among Good Nigerian police Officers.

Many police officers are usually seen demanding Money and bribes and if anyone fails to give they threaten them and harm them. Victims of cases had to pay money to police officers from entering into police station till the time their case is being declared as closed by the courts.

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As per the reports, The Nigerian police force is said to have a history of engaging in corrupt conduct. Among these, there are even good police officers who, one such police officer has set an example of a good police officer who decided to build a mosque with his salary and also created a place for ablution.

I’m ready to spend every penny from my wealth for the cause of Islam and the Muslims In Sha Allah.

He first began his work by building a mosque and then he created a place for Ablution. He sets an example and deserves an award for his service towards people.

This police officer gives everyone hope that there is a different side of everything in this world as the Nigerian Police department is an ill-famed department in the world.

There are people in this world who dream about getting a big house and all the luxuries, but there are people who think about others, who want to build a mosque, help people to offer namaaz  and feed them. They will get the reward for their work even after their death.

Abu Qatadah, Rahimahullah reported that Allah’s Messenger (S.A.W)  (P.B.U.H) said that, the good deeds that will benefit a person even after his death are: Knowledge that he had taught to others, A Mosque that he has built, Charity given by him.


  1. It’s his sheer emman .love and respect toward society,and an eye and heart set on aakhira..the life after death…dwelling for ever…in heave..
    All made it easy to do…with full emman…. Alhamdolillah,…ALLAH SUBHAN O every muslim person to service in many ways to uplift our emmen ..lead us to siratl mustaqeem.



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