Muslims won call to prayer court fight in German town


The dispute related to the calk for prayer which was going on in Germany for five years has now been solved. The court of Germany has rejected the application which stated to silence the call for prayer in the mosque.

  • German court took a decision about the call to prayer in Germany.
  • The dispute was being carried for five years.
  • The court declared it in the favor of Muslims.

Call to prayer court battle won by Muslims in Germany

On Wednesday the German court has finally made a decision on the application which stated to silence the call for prayer in Mosque. The court rejected the application given. The dispute regarding the call for prayer was going on for five years in a small town in Germany.

There are about five million Muslims in Germany. The Islamic community there can use loudspeakers to give a call for prayer in the town of Oer Erkenschwick which is in the German state, North-Rhine Westphalia.

A complaint was lodged in the year 2015 against the call for prayer which allowed The Muslim community to make use of loudspeakers which giving Adhan for 15 minutes only.

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There was no call to prayer for five years as a complaint was filed. The complaint was filed by a couple who said that the sound of Adhan is making their freedom of religion impinged. The couple lived about 900 meters from the mosque.

The judge Annette Kleinschnittger said all the societies must accept that others exercise their faith and must be aware of it. And further concluded that the complaint cannot be accepted as long as one was not forced to practice their religion.

This decision made the Muslims there very happy and there won’t be any silence when the call for prayer is given in the mosque and it can be heard by everyone.


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