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Greece Oldest Mosque To Be Closed, Decision Made By Education And Religion Ministry.


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Greece has closed a Muslim prayer hall which is the oldest Prayer Hall. The Prayer Hall is situated in Athens. The Country has been trying to close down mosques due to which people had to offer their prayers in Malls and Garages.

Greece Oldest Mosque To Be Closed, Decision Made By Education And Religion Ministry.
  • Greece has decided to close the Muslim prayer hall.
  • A 15 days notice has been given to the Muslims to empty the prayer Hall.
  • Muslims in Athens had to wait for 180 years for a New Mosque to be opened.

Muslim prayer hall to be closed by Greece.

Greece has recently decided to close the oldest Mosque in Athens. Muslims were not able to pray in the mosques due to which they had to offer their prayers at the malls and garages.

The Muslims in Athens waited for almost 180 years for a new mosque to be opened. The New mosque did not have Imam who would lead the prayer.

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As there is no imam the Place of worship has not been opened for worship. Due to this reason, people had to pray in garages and malls.

The Prayer Hall is named Al Andalus prayer Hall which is being closed in Athens. A 15 days notice has been issued to the Muslims demanding to clear the mosque.

The Muslim Association of Greece said that they received a notice about the closure of the oldest Mosque and the association further said that they did not get any chance to negotiate. The association shared this news with the Press.

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Athens has Many Muslims yet there is not even a single Mosque in Athens. Many discussions and debates took place to set up a mosque but still, Muslims had to offer their prayers in Stores and malls. Athens is now the only European City without any Mosque.


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