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American Model Aliza Kim, Converted To Islam From Christianity.


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Aliza Kim is an American Model. She shared her story of how she converted to Islam. She shared her experience on social media. She has been brought up as a Christian. She shared how Islam inspired and motivated her.

American Model Aliza Kim, Converted To Islam From Christianity.
  • Aliza Kim is an American Model.
  • She converted to Islam.
  • She shared about her revert story on social media and shared how she got to know about Islam and what inspired her to convert to Islam.

Aliza Kim an American Model Converted to Islam.

Aliza Kim is an American. The model shared that she traveled to many Countries and did many jobs. She was a waitress, model, etc.

She said that she saw success and hardship in her life. But this year she said it was different. She said that she is around her friends more and not the camera.

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She wanted to stay away from the media. She said that she founded peace Through religion.

Aliza Kim said that though she attended many parties and was busy with her schedule, there was an emptiness which she felt on the inside. She was happy yet she felt that there was something missing.

As she was an undergraduate student they have to take Christian theology classes. There she came across a conflict that the Bible was collected all together by a Man or a group of men and she questioned what about religion then? She wanted to know the truth.

She wanted to follow the religion which the great men practiced. While searching about the religion her Muslim friend asked her if she knows about Islam.

Aliza Kim started to learn about Islam and she couldn’t stop herself from knowing about Islam. She said that she learned about the prophets and the same prophets she knew as a child when she read about them in the Bible.

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She said that she likes how Islam is a way of life. She said that now she has found the truth. She further said that she wants to move on from her past and said that she wants to be a better person. She is striving to be calmer, more respectful, and is trying to improve herself.

Aliza Kim said that she wants to thank her parents as they supported her in all her decisions and gave her the freedom to choose what is best for her.

She said that now she found Peace and hope and wish that everyone receives the same in their life.


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