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Ayana Moon, Korean Actress Converted to Islam.


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Korean Actress and a Model Ayana Moon converted to Islam. She is also known as Korean Hijabi and influences people. She is a Muslim Model. She converted to Islam 8 years ago.

Ayana Moon, Korean Actress Converted to Islam.
  • Ayana Moon Korean Actress reverted to Islam.
  • She converted to Islam when she was only 16 years of age.
  • She is now a Muslim model and social media Influencer.

Ayana Moon Converted to Islam.

Ayana Moon was born in South Korea, in the year 1995. When she was 16 years old she converted to Islam. Ayana Moon is now a Muslim model and social media Influencer.

She is being listed among the young Islamic influencers around the world. At a young age, she was able to achieve the title influencer.

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She is popular in South Korea as she is a model as well as an actress. She is known as Korean Hijabi. Being a social media Influencer she has 3 Million followers on Instagram. Many people from Malaysia, Korea, and Indonesian follow her on Instagram.

Ayana Moon shared on Instagram about her conversion to Islam and how she came to know about Islam. She said that when she was 8 years old, there was Iraq War going on.

She was not aware of Iraq but she knew about America. When she got access to the Internet she wanted to know about the situation in Iraq and searched for it on the internet. While searching she got to know about Islam as Iraq follows the religion, Islam.

Ayana Moon is famous in Indonesia and Malaysia. She is a part of the entertainment industry in Indonesia and Malaysia. Recently her brother converted to Islam who is named Aydin Moon.

He is believed to have fasted for the first time this Ramadan. Ayana Moon is also a Muslimah Fashion model and is representing a brand among Indonesia beauty brands.

She is the first person from her family who accepted Islam and later her brother Converted to Islam. She said in a video that when she heard the word “Islam” and found it quite cute to pronounce it.

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She said that when she got to know about Islam she found pictures of Hijabi women who covered their faces and body. Ayana moon’s grandfather discussed with her about Islam and the hijab.

Ayana at first did not support the concept of covering faces but she decided to know more about the reason women cover their faces and their body.

Later her opinions changed and she agreed with the rules of Islam. She then shared her findings with the people as she was famous.

People got to know more about Islam through her. She now has more knowledge about Islam and religion.


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