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Hajj 2020, Only A Limited People Will Be Allowed To Perform Hajj This Year.


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Saudi Arabia has issued a statement regarding Hajj 2020 and Umrah to be allowed this year with a limited number of pilgrims who Stay in Saudi Arabia only. Pilgrims from other countries will not be allowed to perform Hajj this year due to Pandemic.

Hajj 2020, Only A Limited People Will Be Allowed To Perform Hajj This Year.
  • Saudi Arabia’s Hajj Minister has stated the necessary guidelines to be followed for Hajj 2020.
  • On Tuesday a press conference was held along with the Health Ministry to discuss Hajj.
  • Due to Coronavirus, Pilgrims staying in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to perform Hajj this year with all the necessary Measures and restrictions as stated by the Kingdom.

Hajj 2020 Dates:- Start Date – 28 July 2020 – End Date – 2 August 2020

Hajj 2020: Pilgrims Who Stay in Saudi Arabia will perform hajj this year

Mohammed Benten who is the Hajj Minister of Saudi Arabia has Said on Tuesday during the Press Conference regarding the various measures to be taken for all the pilgrims who will be performing Hajj this year.

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Due to Coronavirus, there was news that Hajj 2020 will be canceled but with the grace of Almighty Allah hajj 2020 will be held and it will be performed by all those who are residing in Saudi Arabia.

These will include not just the residents of Saudi Arabia but all those people from different countries who are staying there will be allowed to perform hajj.

Several Measures have been adopted which include Coronavirus testing and people who are under 65 years of age will be limited.

Saudi Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah Said that they have discussed all the necessary measures with the hajj Minister and there will be hospitals arranged for those in need.

Also: Manuela Franco, daughter of Italian Ex-MP converted to Islam.

Saudi Arabia has limited the number of members who will perform Hajj this year, however, the exact number has not yet been finalized.

Every year 2.5 Million people perform Hajj and this year people cannot travel to Saudi Arabia due to Coronavirus as large gatherings are not allowed.

Many scholars showed their support to the kingdom’s decision for limiting pilgrims and other countries too supported Saudi Arabia’s decision and said that this year people cannot travel to perform Hajj.

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Saudi Arabia has further issued an official statement regarding Hajj and the limited number of pilgrims. It is for the safety of people that this decision was taken.

Pilgrims will be selected based on age and measures regarding necessary social distancing will be maintained. Further details regarding the number of pilgrims and social distancing Measures will Soon be stated by the Kingdom.


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