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Tennessee Newspaper, Apologized For The Horrific Anti-Muslim AD That Warned ‘ISLAM’ Will Nuke Nashville.


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21st June 2020: Tennessee Newspaper on Sunday Apologized for the Statement which was published by its Advertising Manager. It was a hate speech against Islam. The Manager was fired by the Newspaper company for the hate speech, which was not properly reviewed before publishing it.

Tennessee Newspaper, Apologized For The Horrific Anti-Muslim AD That Warned ‘ISLAM’ Will Nuke Nashville.

Tennessee Newspaper Apologize for Anti-Muslim Ad.

Tennessee Newspaper on Sunday apologized for an ad that was published and was a hate speech against Islam. The Ad read as “Islam would detonate a bomb in Nashville”.

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The advertising Manager was fired on Monday due to the hate speech. The manager said that the ad was not fully reviewed and was published.

The ad was further flagged by the president of local sales for Gannett, known as Kathy Jack-Romero, which was then published.

As per the Investigation, the staff members did not review the ad before publishing it, yet they had the opportunity to review it. The ad warned people of another civil war and Trump is a part of the prophecy.

The ad included Trump, Pope Francis. The ad was stopped from being part of the editions, after the hate speech against Islam.

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The newspaper Company said that they will donate to the American Muslim Advisory Council $14,000 ad sales value, as well as Jeff Pippenger who is a speaker of the Ministry of future for America said that the newspaper company must give a refund.

Further, the newsroom and sales team will be given training, which was started by Jack-Romero. The newspaper apologized for the hate speech and said that they did not intend to spread hate and will make sure that such an incident will not happen again.


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