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Safoora Zargar 27, Jailed Pregnant Indian Activist Gets Bail In Delhi Violence Case By Delhi High Court.


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The violence which took place in Delhi where 50 people died, leading to the arrest of Jamia Student Safoora Zargar who was pregnant has now been granted bail. Safoora who was pregnant was not given bail and was arrested on 10th April.

Safoora Zargar 27, Jailed Pregnant Indian Activist Gets Bail In Delhi Violence Case By Delhi High Court.
  • Safoora Zargar has been released.
  • She was arrested on the 10th of April.
  • She was a Jamia Student and media coordinator of the Jamia Coordination Committee.

Jamia Student Safoora Zargar granted bail.

Safoora Zargar who is a Jamia Student was arrested on 10th April or the charges of being related to the Communal Violence which took place in Delhi.

The Delhi High court granted her bail on Tuesday. Safoora Zargar’s bail was not opposed by the center and the Judge has said her not to be a part of any activities.

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Safoora has to take permission before she leaves Delhi and she must contact the investigating officer every 15 days. Safoora Zargar has given a speech on February 23 and was said that her speech led to violence and riots in Delhi, where 53 people have been dead.

Her bail was opposed by Delhi police and the police said that there have been deliveries that took place in the jail previously and Safoora will be provided with all the medical care.

Safoora Zargar has now been released and the Judge said her not to indulge herself in any such activities as she is being investigated. Safoora Zargar is now 5 months pregnant.

She participated in the protest which took place in Delhi against the citizenship law. When she was arrested, people on social media were against this. Her bail was rejected 3 times.

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The police said that Safoora was kept in a separate cell as she is pregnant and she won’t contact Coronavirus. Safoora Zargar’s husband Saboor Sirwal thanked the court and the lawyers and said that the family is waiting to meet her.

Safoora’s lawyer said the court that she is pregnant and In a delicate stage of pregnancy. Many organizations even said that Safoora should be released. On Tuesday she was released and was granted bail by the court.



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