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Maysam Yahya Mohamed, Is The Youngest Child To Memorise Quran In UAE At 6.


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Maysam Yahya Mohamed becomes the youngest Hafidah from UAE. She is a Six-year-old girl who memorized the entire Quran. At the age of 3, she completed memorizing 2 chapters of the Holy Quran.

  • Maysam Yahya Mohamed, a 6-year-old girl from UAE becomes the youngest one to memorize Quran.
  • She Memorized two chapters of the Quran when she was only 3 years old.
  • The Holy Quran Radio honored her for her remarkable achievement.

Maysam Yahya Mohamed UAE’s Youngest Hafidhah.

6 years old girl Maysam Yahya Mohamed from UAE becomes the Youngest Child to Memorize the Holy Quran. Maysam has not only memorized the Quran but also memorized it with Tajweed and Recitation.

Maysam’s mother said that when Maysam was 3 years of age, she memorized two chapters of the Holy Quran. This is a remarkable achievement for someone who is just 3 years old.

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Sharjah Foundation organized the Tahfiz sessions which were attended by Maysam and this was the beginning of her journey towards reciting and memorizing the Holy Quran.

Maysam Participated in Quran Competition which was named as Sheikh Zayad Holy Quran Competition and attained 7th place.

She joined this competition when she was only 3 years of age and was declared as the youngest child to participate in the competition.

Maysam always recited Quran verses which she heard on the Radio stations and television, this became a habit for her to recite it continuously.

She Completed memorizing Quran before she joined Nursery which is a great achievement for a child of her age.

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After Maysam began reciting verses, Her mother taught her short Surahs, and later she joined Khorfakkan Mosque so that she learn the recitation of the Holy Quran with proper pronunciation and Correct rules which are very important.

She has been awarded the Dubai International Holy Quran Award. The Dubai International Holy Quran is an Institute which conducts a lot if Islamic programs and conducts competitions.

The Holy Quran Radio honored her for her achievements. It is a miracle for a 6-year-old to memorize an entire Quran along with Tajweed. She is now the youngest person to memorize the Holy Quran in UAE.

Most of the kids at this age begin to recite the basic letters and words from the Holy Quran but Maysam at this age has memorized the entire Holy Quran.

This is a remarkable achievement for her and her family as with the support of parents she was able to achieve this goal.


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