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Coronavirus: Mumbai Allana Mosque Closed Doors To Worshippers Over Coronavirus Fear.


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  • The doors of the Mosque in Mumbai has been closed due to Coronavirus.
  • People after reading the notice of if being closed greeted each other.
  • All around the world, countries have closed religious places.
Mumbai Allana Mosque Closed Doors To Worshippers Over Coronavirus Fear.

A masjid in Mumbai named Allana masjid has been closed. As the Coronavirus has spread in different parts of the world, the growing concern has led people to Lockdown countries for many days to stop the virus from spreading further.

The masjid declared through a notice that it will be closed and people greeted each other after reading the notice.

121 countries in the world have been affected by this virus as a result of which there was Lockdown declared by many countries for many days.

The virus which was spread from China has reached many countries and now China has declared that it has defeated the virus and continues back to their normal life.

The other countries have experienced the worst situation. In India, more than 1800 people have been tested positive for Coronavirus even after there has been a Lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for 21 days.

The entire nation has been Lockdown. The mosques and other religious places have been closed. Many countries closed mosques, churches, temples, and Gurdwara so that there won’t be public gathering.

All the transportation services have been stopped. People have been given a warning that if they come out of their houses and gather together they will be punished.

Only one person can bring all the necessary food products or medicines if there is a need. People have been ordered to pray from their houses. Even Friday prayers have been canceled.

For Shab-e-Baraat night it has been ordered that people should pray in their houses, there won’t be special gathering. Only the Imam of the Masjid will be allowed to offer Salah in the mosque.


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