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Detention sites in China revealed


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Detention sites in China revealed

Few night images showed the new detention sites set up in the Xinjiang region of China. Earlier China stated that there were re-education camps set up for the Uighurs but as per the research, it was not what was said.

  • Night images showed detention sites.
  • Detention sites set up in the Xinjiang region.
  • There are many detention sites being set up in China.
  • Watch Video Here

Detention sites in China revealed in new night images

China has claimed that they were setting up Re-education camps for the Muslims of Uighur but recently the night images revealed that there were detention sites set up in the Xinjiang region.

China was being questioned when it was involved in the mass internment of Muslims in Uighur. As per the Researchers at the Australian strategic policy Institute had challenged the claims which stated that Xinjiang has seen an increase in the detention sites.

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With the help of satellite images, expanded sites were found and it was found in an investigation that many detainees were sent to prison.

The detainees are locked up in higher security prisons. Many foreign journalists were harassed and were not allowed to conduct an interview there. Only a few visitors are allowed to visit the camps.

Researchers say that the images show the detention sites which differentiate it from schools and hospitals. The images show hulking buildings with high walls and barbed wire internal fencing.

The associate professor of China studies at the Rose Hulman Institute said that there is a crisis that is being witnessed. Few detainees are either released and few are being ordered to work at factories and others are being sentenced.

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As per the ASPI, researchers stated that there are almost 380 detention centers. Uighur and other Muslim populations are about 25 Million out of which 230,000 have been imprisoned and were given punishments.

Many people from Uighur staying abroad said that they learned about their relatives being sent to prison for 10 to 15 years. However, China has denied all the claims.


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