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Uyghur Muslims Slaughtered To Cure Coronavirus Patients in China.


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An investigator alleged that China is harvesting organs of Uyghur Muslims to treat Coronavirus infected.

Uyghur Muslims Slaughtered To Cure Coronavirus Patients in China.
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More than 3 Million Uyghur Muslims are detained by China. China is using Illegal measures to use organs of Uyghur Muslims who have been detained and treat the patients who suffer from Coronavirus.

As per the investigative Journalist, Werleman stated that China is being able to meet the demand of Organ transplants in huge numbers, by using the organs of Uyghur Muslims.

Last year in the month of September it has been reported that thousands of Uyghur Muslims have been killed because of these practices.

Organs like Heart, eyes, and Lungs are taken out and are used when there are no donors available. As per the Panel which was set up to investigate the Practices said that, thousands of people have been killed.

Werleman stated a case of Chinese patient who was in an urgent need of double Lung transplant, the 59-year-old Chinese patient was suffering from pulmonary damage and received a perfect match of a set of Lung’s, it was considered as the first double lung transplant of the country.

The questions were raised about this because within five days the donor was found with a perfect Matching set of lungs. Werleman said that the detained Uyghur Muslim’s are used in order to treat the coronavirus patients by using their Organs.

Another publication stated that for a single lung transplant, finding a donor takes years Whereas China has shown that it needs only a few days to get perfectly Matched Lungs for the Patients.

China has the lowest organ donor rate in the world i.e., one for every 2 Million citizens. More than 1.5 Million citizens of china are in need of transplant out of which only less than 10,000 receive the organ or only one among 150 receives the organ.

This created further suspicion that China might be forcing the Uyghur Muslims and are illegally using their organs.


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