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Turkish Man Proposes Girlfriend in Front of Kaaba, Haram.


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Girlfriend wish is his command. A video circulated last week showing a Turkish man proposing his girlfriend in front of the Holy mosque Kaaba. The couple looked happy but netizens were upset.

Turkish Man Proposes Girlfriend in Front of Kaaba, Haram.
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Yusuf Akyun works for the TRT space channel.

Yusuf Akyun who is from Turkey works as a correspondent and an announcer TRT space Channel proposed his wife in front of Kaaba, the holy place of Mecca.

A video of the proposal made by Yusuf went viral on social media, where it can be seen that he was kneeling right in front of the Kaaba and presented a ring to his girlfriend.

Turkey guy proposing his girl in Mecca.

He was seen saying that we are in front of the holy structure and in the presence of our Mothers while proposing to her.

It was his girl’s wish, he fulfilled.

It was Yusuf’s girlfriend who asked him to propose her by Kneeling in front of the Kaaba and propose her for marriage. She even asked him to film his proposal. She was seen saying Yusuf to kneel down or else she won’t say yes.

Yusuf faced criticism when he posted this video on social media. After facing a lot of Criticism from people he deleted his account.

People around the globe were upset about the act.

People were angry at him for not respecting the Holy Mosques and further asked the Turkish TV channel to take action against Yusuf for what he did at the Holy site of Mecca.

 Masjid Al Haram is the Holy Mosque in Mecca city, Saudi Arabia. Some people said that it is not a part of Muslim Tradition and by doing so it is an insult to the holiness of the place, Moreover Yusuf proposed her in front of the Kaaba in the absence of her male guardian. 

It is wrong, they said.

Few said that this must not be allowed as this is haram and people must stop them from doing so. There were few who blessed the couple for their future and said that they choose the holy place to begin their journey while others opposed it.


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