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China Uyghur Muslim Forced Labor for Apple, Nike, and Other Big Companies.


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China Uyghur Muslim who was being detained for being a Muslim, tortured in detention camps and whose religion was renounced against their will are now being sold as laborers and forced to follow the command.

China Uyghur Muslim Forced Labor for Apple, Nike, and Other Big Companies

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China Uyghur Turkic speaking Muslims sold and forced labor against their will.

Uyghur is Turkic speaking Muslims who live in North-west China. The Uyghur are the oppressed Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. The oppression of Uyghur Muslims is nothing new as no one addresses this Issue or Speaking about it.

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China is continuously Oppressing Uyghur by introducing Various Schemes. The Chinese authorities are forcing Muslim Minorities into forced labor for big companies like Adidas, Microsoft, Apple, and Nike.

Group research on the Uyghur Muslim minority.

A research group claimed that the Muslim minority of China are oppressed by the Chinese regime to ditch Islam and accept Chinese cultures and beliefs and are even forced to work in various Factories owned by Chinese in different states.

Australian Strategic Policy Institute reports.

ASPI (Australian Strategic Policy Institute) reports that there are 83 MNC’s along with the big companies mentioned above who are involved in labor forcing in various factories of China.

Earlier many reports about the oppression were not considered as there was not sufficient proof about it and many big brands and companies involved are getting exposed.

Who else is involved in this?

The various American and Chinese companies who are claimed to be directly or indirectly involved in the labor force are getting unfair profits from the transfer plans.

Meanwhile, the central Government came up with a scheme called “Xinjiang Aid” where young Uyghur’s are forcefully employed in different companies in different states.

Factory owners compensated.

The factory owners get compensation for every Muslim Uyghur they hire. The condition of Uyghur Muslims are worsening day by day, they are forced to get training and are not allowed to go home.

They have to go through Mandarin Training sessions from working hours. The various Firms started to market Uyghur’s through online mode.

How are Uyghur Muslims sold as laborers?

Various Ads state that Uyghur workers are available at cheap price. Another ad states that 1000 Uyghur workers between 16 to 18 years of age are available and they can do any work.

This is considered as urban slavery. The state media said that all the workers are compensated. Few companies denied their involvement in such practice.


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