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Pakistani Muslim Family Distributes Masks To Help People Fight Coronavirus.


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While in this hardship that the world is going through, people are coming forward t help one another regardless of race and nationality. Meet this Pakistani Family who is distributing fee masks.

Pakistani Muslim Family Distributes Masks To Help People Fight Coronavirus.
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  • A Pakistani Muslim Family helps people to fight Coronavirus.
  • The family is staying in Hong Kong and is giving free Masks.
  • The family wants people to protect themselves from the virus.

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A Pakistani family staying in Hong Kong is distributing free Masks to all the people, as they fear the spread of Coronavirus is seen everywhere.

Reports say.

As per reports, the family is distributing Masks, Hygiene products to help people protect themselves. There is a huge demand for Masks in the market as the virus is spread all over the world.

People around the world are fighting against this virus and thousands are people are affected by this. More than 6,664 people are reported as dead due to Coronavirus and 173,117 people are affected and 77,785 people have been recovered as per the sources.

Lockdown in multiple parts of the world.

As per the measures taken all around the world, people are requested not to shake hands and are avoiding those who are not wearing masks.

 Lala al-sheik established a small business in Hong Kong and sold ornaments from India, China, Nepal, and Pakistan. When Lala al-sheik started the business it was small but now it has reached a point where he is able to distribute free Masks to people.

He buys hygiene products.

Lala buys Various Hygiene products from different medical stores and distributes them to those in need,  he believes that when a person is dead only his deeds remain with him.

He further says that he is not helped by anyone, this is done by him and his family only. His children help him by packing the products that are meant to be distributed.

He says that this work gives him satisfaction and happiness. He buys all the products in bulk and distributes them every week to all the local people.


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